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Yangzhou Tong Yang Intercooler Co. Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of Intercooler. The efficiency of the Intercooler is very high and is widely used in the Hydraulic Industry, Petroleum and Chemical Industries, Car Industry, Transport Machinery, Air conditioning Industry and Electrical Industry. The Intercooler manufactured by Yangzhou Dong Yang Intercooler Co. Ltd is one of the best in China. The products is under Certification. Our products are stainless plate wing style oil cooler, aluminium radiator, aluminium oil radiator, intercooler and aluminium plate wing style oil cooler, etc.Presently our products exported to Japan, South East Asia, Europe and America. The company annually produces over 1 million high quality radiator products by single producing line. If you are an automotive professional, be assured that we will continue to offer you a broad range of quality cooling system products at a fair price.



Stainless steel Intercooler, Pipe type Intercooler, Air Conditioning Intercooler, Oil Intercooler, Heat Exchanger, Car Radiator, Aluminum Heat Exchanger, and Aluminum Heat Evaporator. We can supply cooper, aluminum and Alloy Intercooler.


We can produce according to you drawing specifications. Our quality and pricing will meet your requirement. All enquiries are well come!


aluminum air to air intercooler





Car Radiator

car Intercooler.

plate wing style oil cooler

aluminium radiator

aluminium oil radiator

intercooler and aluminium plate wing style oil cooler

Product model number:

Stainless steel Intercooler

Pipe type Intercooler

Air Conditioning Intercooler

Oil Intercooler

Heat Exchanger

Car Radiator

Aluminum Heat Exchanger

and Aluminum Heat Evaporator

aluminum and Alloy Intercooler

high performance radiators

Intercooler and related kits

Oil cooler and related kits

Other performance products

high performance aluminum radiator

Custom products and OEM

Other performance


2、External Dimension:




3、Structural Characteristic:

-100% light weight high quality aluminum

All made with hand welded

Core thickness available: 40mm,42mm,50mm,52mm,56mm

Pressure tested and 1 year limited quality guarantee.

Provide custom service according to sample

Using the engineering optimization design, the intercooler can achieved higher heat dissipication. This is extensively used in the Soil excavator,Bull dozer machineries, all type of car radiator and any other similar application.




We goal is creating comprehensive product ranges, high grade products, fastest service and competitive price to multiply the value of our global customers. Please feel free to contact us for further information.


Person to Contact: Cai Dong Jun

Contact telephone: 1301 3744 698

E mail: jsyzcdj @126.co m



  • Yangzhou Tong Yang Intercooler Co. Ltd
  • Qionghua street,China Toothbrush
  • 225000
  • 86-0514-13013744698
  • 86-0514-87816911
  • Dong Jun Cai (Business Development)
  • 86-0514-13905275903

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